Our assignment

Care sees itself as a competent attendant and supplier of a holistic service-concept for the entire “therapy” life situation. Our aim is to accompany patients on their journey through the disease and to preserve their wellbeing, self-awareness and their vitality. For further information, please watch


Cell-Lab GmbH is a commercial partner-laboratory of the Eppendorf University Hospital. Prof. Klaus Pantel is its scientific head, and his area of study concerns the measurement of circulating tumour cells. We are working with our partner NovellCheck to measure the (predominantly private) patients in the established area. For further information, please watch


cosymil GmbH: In a clean-room laboratory created especially for this purpose, trained pharmacy staff produce the cytostatics for the tumour patients of the surrounding oncologists. The injections and infusions are prepared for usage and are ready for collection at the expected administration time. The cytostatics are produced individually on an ad hoc basis for the patients’ needs. For security-reasons for both the drug and the staff, production is done aseptically under laminar air flow cytostatic-workflows in a clean-room following industrial standards.


Interim Management

Pharma-industry as a whole is facing special challenges concerning growing internationalisation and competitive and financial pressure. Governmental interventions oppress the industry’s turnover. A high degree of flexibility and velocity is demanded from the entrepreneur,  but there are often not enough management resources available.

Managerial Staff Coaching

We know what we are talking about. To have a sparring-partner is a precious thing. It´s lonely at the top.

Company Check

The company, the sales organisation on trial. Every member of the staff on trial. Shore-up the company’s status and develop dynamically together: these are the key concepts to start the company check. It is incontestable that a company can only be as good as its staff is. Together, we can find out just how good they are and how they can become even better. Every company and every employee has more to prove in the future more than ever. Parameters change continuously. To be forearmed for the future, the company check is essential.

Employee and Management Development Programme (MDP)

The current state and development potential of every employee can be defined with the Employee and Management Development Programme. All companies need qualified staff and leadership. Staff development results in engaged and ambitious employees with a better job future, while simultaneously facilitating employee retention and cooperation. Management development has to achieve a measurable overvalue. In developing managers, a main task must be to make their capabilities and competencies evident.

Pharmacy Management, Surgery Management

We aim to improve your structural and management workflows so that you work more efficiently and have lean organisational structures. It´s a fact that patients and customers prefer surgeries and pharmacies with more than just a one-dimensional functional responsibility. They want reliable procedures and professional structures. We have experience in analysing differentiated workflows and in structure optimisation. Part of the strategy is targeted staff-management and human resource planning as well as structured quality management. Furthermore, we support you in the planning, organisation and in implementation of scientific projects.

Out-Placements and New Placements

Our senior consultant has been able to collect extensive experience  in out-placement consulting in the past three years. Since 1995, he has been a business executive and has used out-placements several times as an opportunity. Many employees have used this supporting measure with the aid of a career coach to re-launch their careers.