Our Team

Sylvia Schmidt was born in Rosenheim in 1979. She studied business adminstration in Rosenheim and Berlin and went on to achieved a Diplom in European media and event management in Baden-Baden. Her career has taken her through various positions at Booz/Allen/Hamilton, Lapharm GmbH, Cell Lab GmbH, Onkokontor GmbH and Lilith AG. At these companies, she was in charge of both national and international clients. Sylvia Schmidt is the CEO of Onkokontor GmbH and has an acute sense for trends. She is always on the lookout for innovations and works on developing and implementing new projects.
Manfred Nachtwey holds a Diplom in business administration and is a highly sought-after management consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. Before working as a consultant, Nachtwey, who originally came from the region of Münsterland, was the COO of Acino, a listed Swiss pharmaceutical company that he helped shape. He was also a key figure in integrating the company’s multinational business units and employees. Using his creativity and intuition, he played a major role in growing the company into an effective team. In his career, Manfred Nachtwey held various leadership positions at various renowned pharmaceutical companies, such as Smith Kline French (Munich) and Servier (Paris). His management style is best described as a unique mix of expertise and personal skills. Even at 68 years old, he continues living his life motto of “try until you succeed”.
Maximilian Fraenkel is all about getting things going – whether it is working as a restaurateur or DJ, developing and overseeing new TV formats, or working on expanding Lilith AG. The culture journalist has found a deep connection with the way of life in Munich and is, with his wide personal network, a valuable addition to the Lilith AG supervisory committee.
André Vass professional experience at an accountancy firm and subsequently joined the controlling department at Lilith-Onkokontor. Mr Vass is currently taking a course leading to qualification as a certified management accountant. Nevertheless, this would not mark the end of his postgraduate education. He intends to continue developing himself professionally and personally.
Daniela Lanzl was born in Rosenheim in 1990. After her apprenticeship as a bank business management assistant, Lanzl, who has half-Brazilian parentage, took part in a business English course in Melbourne and honed her English language skills during a one-year stay in Australia. She joined Lilith-Onkokontor as an executive assistant after gaining several years of professional experience in the banking industry. She uses her love and passion for people to provide our customers with support.